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Feedback from our customers

"Highly recommended. The trip was organised for 16 days and the itinerary was personalised to suit our needs. We travelled the country with a professional guide and driver who are honest and reliable, and they helped to make our trip special. It has been like travelling in good company with good friends. Thank you."


Dean and Toni Taylor-Munn, UK

"Hello Maks! I am certain your personality and passion for your country will have visitors talking about their experiences with you for years later and you will undoubtedly keep them coming back for more of the "Maks Touch":) I remember our day in Bishkek and hanging out with you and doing a lot of shopping. It is still one of my fondest memories. I wish you and "Maks Tour" success and prosperity. No one can share your homeland like you can!"


Aloha. Regi. Hawaii USA


"Maksat K. Stalbek is an amazing resource! He is so knowledgable and fun! He does a great job and is absolutely wonderful with. Thanks Maks!!!"


Kim M. Montana, USA

"Maks a été d’une aide très précieuse lors de notre passage sur Naryn. Il nous a sorti d’une mauvaise passe avec notre voiture qui aurait certainement compliqué notre voyage. Nous nous sommes croisés peu de temps, mais nous avons pu apprécier sa connaissance du pays, sa sympathie et son professionnalisme. 100% recommandé !"

Marion and Julien, France

"Thank you so much to Maks and his team for the excellent services and assistance with our documents. It was a very efficient and friendly service and I could not ask for anything more. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who needs advice or help with legal documents and shipping."                                                                                                                                        Patricia P. 

Manchester, United Kingdom

"Great company

Nice people with great tours"

Cassandra De Pecol, USA, Expedition 196

"Kyrgyzstan was one of our favourite memories during our around the world trip and it was entirely because we were lucky enough to meet Maks. His tours are the best! If you are looking for a unique experience with a kind, knowledgeable, and caring guide, then definitely call Maks - he will turn the time you spend in Kyrgyzstan into wonderful memories that you will talk about for years to come. Hope to be back there one day!"

Sean Aiken, Canada


"My family and I went for trip around Issyk Kul Lake and we have chosen to do it with Maks ! We were not disappointed at all. We had a memorable journey. Maks was very considerate, patient and flexible. Besides he always had good tips and advises- we enjoyed delicious food, nice, comfortable but affordable hotels/motels to stay in and we had the opportunity to visit a lot of beautiful places. Maks understood our wishes and he adapted the trip to our "physical conditions", my mum, an almost 60-year old lady really enjoyed the trip too. I recommend Maks and I will be happy to book another tour with him next time I'll visit Kyrgyzstan!"

Pablo Garcia, France, Mexico

"Maks is a great guide and a safe driver. He speaks excellent english and has extensive knowledge about the area geografically and historically. We went with him for a couple of days to Song-Kul and south shore of Issyk-Kul, and had a great time. Maks really went the extra mile to give us good and interesting experiences. Can heartly really recommend his services."

Kristine Moe, Norway

The today's excursion to Charyn canyon was super exciting! We were lucky enough with the weather and the site itself was one of the most dramatic and magnificent we've seen so far. MAKS Tour, the tour guide was perfect, very knowlegable and friendly. The place is not that far from Almaty and the road not too bad... definitely worth to visit!!! Thank you😊

Lukáš Petráň, Czech Republic

MAKS Tour offered a very professional service. Our guide was really friendly, spoke excellent English and was very knowledgeable about Kyrgyzstan. I loved learning about the local culture! 

Loren Cotter, Wales UK

I had the great privilege to have Maks guide me on a 3 Stans adventure during summer 2018. Over the course of 40 days we covered 16,000kms throughout Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

I made contact with Maks through Indy Guide several months before arriving in Almaty. Having posted a broad query about my travel objectives I had dozens of responses from guides throughout the region. After exchanging a handful of messages I felt that Maks had the best combination of attributes I was seeking - excellent English, a great sense of humour, a willingness to go anywhere, including places he'd never been and, based on photos he'd posted, a great eye for a photo opportunity.

Maks did not disappoint me. In the months leading up to my trip Maks assisted with all kinds of valuable advice as well as involving me in the broader issues going on his life. When I did finally arrive I felt like I was meeting a friend I hadn't seen for a few years rather than someone I had never met. And as a bonus Maks arrived at the airport with a cold beer, much appreciated after 28 hours in transit!

Maks' best attribute as a guide was that he always maintained a sense of humour and a positive outlook. Travelling so closely with someone over 40 days, sometimes driving 14 or 16 hours to cover 300km through rugged terrain things will go wrong and tensions will arise, however Maks was always ready with a joke and always able to keep us moving forward. We enjoyed a good combination of travelling without any fixed plan while also having aspirational targets as to what was possible in the days and weeks ahead. Maks has a profound knowledge about and love of Kyrgyzstan in particular, but also an incredible curiosity and enthusiasm for the broader region and a desire to travel more broadly and expand his experiences so as to pass that on to his clients.

Maks has a great sense of adventure, but always tempered by common sense, be it in knowing the limitations of the transport we would use, choosing appropriate places to stay or camp, and also in dealing with some difficult situations crossing borders or dealing with officials. At all times I felt relaxed knowing Maks had the skills and experience to deal with any issues that arose.

I have travelled to many countries but would say that my time in Central Asia will always remain a highlight, and that is thanks to the dedication and good humour of Maks, who I consider a close and valued friend.

Reuben, Australia


Travelling with Maks was like travelling with a friend. The booking and planning process went very smoothly and we discussed many options before we fixed the route. The trip was thoroughly enjoyable, comfortable, but still thoroughly adventurous. No problems at the Torugart border to China as well, he had all the necessary permits.

Maks was very flexible, which was important for our trip, and adapted with enthusiasm to our wishes. He has a sensible judgment of risks in the mountain areas and gave us good, sober advice.

Maks knew where to find clean and comfortable accomodation from luxury hotel to yurt camps and mountain lodges, as well as safe and delicious food on the way.

The Honda CR-V was well-maintained, well-equipped, and comfortable for three people with tons of luggage. A welcome bonus was Maks' music collection of everything from Ozzy Osbourne to classic jazz :-)

In short, you will not find a more reliable guide in this remote area of the world.

Konstantin, Austria


Just back to Bishkek after a fantastic couple of days exploring Kyrgyzstan and the south side of Lake Issyk Kul. Huge thanks to Maks from MAKS Tour for being such a fantastic guide and driver and who has such a wonderful enthusiasm for his lovely country. I'm posting some of my favourite photos from the Burana Tower, the drive to Issyk Kul, the Fairytale canyon, the yurt camp, swimming in the lake and then exploring up in the mountains today.

Baroness A.Suttie,

House of Lords, London UK

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