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Extra Services

Hunting with eagles 

is a traditional form of falconry practiced by Kyrgyz and   Kazakh people in contemporary Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as diasporas in Bayan-Ölgii, Mongolia, and Xinjiang, China.

Though these Turkic people are most famous for hunting with golden eagles, they have been known to train northern goshawks, peregrine falcons, saker falcons, and more.


*This option is available in Issyk-Kul and Naryn region and You can add it to any type of Tours.


Eagle Hunting

Light Aviation

Great opportunity to feel freedom, see land from sky and enjoy time on fresh air.

We offer two options as we call them Light Aviation Tours: flying on a Trike and Paragliding (with parachute)

Light Aviation





Helicopter / Heli-Ski

What can be better than mountains? Ofcourse the mountains from the bird's eye view.


Helicopter will help you with that!

You can order 1 or 2 hours flight on a Helicopter MI-8MTB or few day tour.

Kyrgyzstan only MI-8MTB available only. 

Kazakhstan few tyes. for more detailes please contact us


If You prefer extreme type of vacations than Heli-Ski option is for You! Free ride on virgin slopes of the snowy mountains of Tien-Shan.

From 370$ per person


More than 10 skiing bases around the country will satisfy any skiers requests!

Contact with our team and we will make sure that your skiing holiday will be perfect.

Each tour will be made individually!





Extreme rafting in Chui region, enjoy power of nature on river between moutains!

From 37$ per person



Aikido is Japanese Martial Art that includes many intresting aspects in one, it is good for health, self-defense and for spiritual development. 

Lessons can be individual and group. 



Airsoft is a game of friends, similar to paintball but with more realistic looking gear and weapons. it is a lot of fun. Available in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and Almaty, Kazakhstan.

From 20$ per person



If you like shooting than one of two shooting ranges will be perfect for spending holiday after long week.

Also courses for beginners are available.

From 5$ 

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