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Who we are?

      We are team of specialists in tourism, who love our beautiful country and sharing our passion to travel with our guests.

  The company was founded by Maksat Konushaliev, who began offering tours due to demand, while working for a local hotel chain and studying at university. He found that visitors wanted a hands-on, personal experience of Kyrgyzstan, which was not being offered by the current tour operators. This attention to the needs and personalities of our individual clients is still the central vision of our team.

The success of Maks' tours led to expansion and a growing reputation in the region, and in 2014, MAKS Tour expanded to incorporate a larger team of specialists. Our current team include guides who speak a variety of languages (English, German, French, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Uzbek and Tadjik), and have diverse knowledge, interests and personalities. This enables us to match our clients to the perfect guide for their needs, and every year, we are improving our skills and experience to provide the best tour experience in Central Asia.

Idea of name of our company is:

 MAKS Tour

 My Adventure in Kyrgyz Stan 


 Our mission is to provide best quality of all kind of services in tourism of our country, and to help our clients discover their own perfect Central Asian adventure, in Kyrgyzstan and the surrounding countries. 

 Our goal is to contribute to a sustainable society and sustainable tourism. Our goals include reducing the negative impacts on the environment, as well as the socio-cultural and economic impacts of our product through the adaptation of our policies and standards in the field of tourism. We support our suppliers in achieving higher standards of sustainability, and we also raise awareness and motivate our customers to behave more resiliently when traveling.

 Social Involvement

We are extremely committed to maintaining the natural beauty of the areas we visit, and have operating procedures in place to ensure that we have no negative impact on these regions. This includes litter awareness, recycling and building links with conservation charities in the region. A percentage of all company profits is given to charities working to preserve the culture and natural resources of Central Asia.

Additionally, we also offer logistical and vehicle support when required, as a humanitarian initiative to aid the people of our country.

 We hope to see you on one of our tours soon!

Best wishes,

MAKS Tour Team


Manas Sign | Kyrgyz | Kyrgyzstan | World Nomad Games
Manas Sign, Originally sign of Tengri, ancient culture of nomads
Maksat Konushaliev | MAKS
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